The Cannes Film Festival

What a film festival!!!

Many people are wondering what might play this year at the Cannes Film Festival and we’ll try to figure that out together.

There is arguably none more prestigious than the Cannes Film Festival when it comes to film festivals. The critics and the like descend on the south of France hoping to discover the classiest in cinema every year, and in turn can begin to fuel the impending Oscar speculation. This year likely will be no exception as perhaps a few more Academy friendly projects than usual could wind up at Cannes.

The fest will reveal the titles scheduled to play sometime either this month or early on next month so a lot of people wanted to get a head start and speculate a bit about what the festival could have in its lineup. Tribeca will be on our mind soon enough as that begins very shortly, but Cannes gets out attention for the day today at the moment.

Word has begun to spread about what might be the likeliest to play Cannes this year even though nothing is official yet. It seems likely that Jodie Foster’s Money Monster will be playing at the festival so far though that’s one of the few that seem like a safe bet. There are rumors as well that ave titles like Woody Allen’s latest untitled movie though it might be called Café Society, the Shane Black’s The Nice Guys, the Loving of Jeff Nichols, the Last Face of Sean Penn and Steven Spielberg’s The BFG playing. These films have solid odds to play at Cannes though they’re not the only ones.

You can only assume that a good portion of the titles will wind up just being speculation and a handful of them will certainly be what winds up playing. There are many big movies and small scale films that will surprise us with their inclusion, but it would seems like a more or less inclusive grouping of Cannes contenders.

Speculations are saying that tie list will include American Honey, Finding Dory, The Handmaiden, Personal Shopper, It’s Only The End of the World,  Lion, The Neon Demon, Julieta, Paterson and The Unknown Girl, but all of this are speculations and nothing is confirmed yet. The buzz is building for what may or may not play though nothing is known for sure just yet.

Critics think the 2016 Cannes Film Festival could easily shape up to be one of the better ones in some time overall. The early buzz and write ups focus on which American or English language titles get picked to bow there a lot of times and it usually is the foreign fare that makes or breaks Cannes. We could have a better sense of it all once we know what actually is playing. It is fun to speculate at least at this current moment right? Just stay tuned to see what winds up playing at the Cannes Film Festival this year when the official announcement is made!