Disgusting Photos Reveal the 15 Worst Plane Passengers Ever

It surely is a comfort to ride a plane. Aside from being fast in terms of time travel, you can have comfort on your own. But what will you do, if the comfort you though you will be able to get is ruined by incredibly disgusting people? From dirty nappies to dirty gnarled toenail and discarded half-eaten sandwiches. You are one lucky person of ever you never experience to be with people that like to do those things.

It seems perfect to go to the airport and boarding a plane to see friends and family or to get away to the holiday of your dreams. Unfortunately, what you think will be fun turns out to be one of your worst travelling experiences ever! It looks like the air passengers still haven’t quite got the hang of travelling in style. Disgruntled flight attendants and flyers from around the globe have taken their frustration to social media to shame feral passengers with annoying habits that they shared on Instagram under the hashtag #passengershaming.

You can see practically anything from toenails in dire need of attention to discarded dirty nappies and snacks strewn all over seats and the latest batch of photos reveal the horrors faced at 35,000 feet.

A common inflight complaint is feet being wedged between seats and intruding on personal space or feet flailing about in the air that lets off cheesy aromas. There was one shocking photograph that shows a rogue foot on the tray table of the neighboring passenger. How unfortunate can that be?

1. Disgusting Photos Reveal the 15 Worst Plane Passengers Ever # 1.

This photo that was posted on social media shows leftovers. Apparently, the parents of an infant have left cabin crew to deal with a dirty nappy, an empty baby food jar and litter strewn all over the floor as well. We surely understand that it is not easy to handle infants, but really? I cannot imagine that this damage can be done by an infant alone. The parents surely are part of this. They should have at least brought the garbage with them!