15 Nerdy Actors Who Turned Out to Be Heartthrobs

Oh, you know, just checking out hot actors out of the blue. We know that you get like this as well, and it’s not every day that we get to see massive transformations, since basically, every child actor is almost always dorky in nature and its sometimes a shock seeing them to be such hotties (as these few here) when they grew older. So, who likes to see abs? We’ve got some here for you.

1. Joseph Gordon Levitt

You remember that dorky young boy from 3rd Rock from the Sun? Well, we never knew that he will eventually turn into a handsome young lad and to also be one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men! Urgh. Well, anyway, he has been starring in movies such as Inception, The Dark Knight Rises and Looper.

2. Nicholas Hoult

He was first known of his role in ‘About a Boy’ when he started his career when he was a child. Now that he grew up and all, he has now been famous for his role in ‘Warm bodies’ and in some of the X-Men films. And that stubble is hot.

3. Shia Labeouf

Having been a dork ever since, well, a long time, he really had to do lots of things for him to achieve his’ hotness’ goals. And his efforts did pay off and he’s now a decent looking man that many women will fall for. Being an actor has its perks.

4. Matthew Lewis

We all know this cute and dorky guy in the Happy Potter series named as Neville Longbottom. And having to ditch his child self, he has now become a handsome young lad with hat flashy white teeth. Well, isn’t that good for him? He will definitely make a lot of women swoon.

5. Rajiv Surendra

Having been in a screen where the white people are famous, someone like Rajiv will always be in the sidelines and away from the eye of the director. But although he didn’t really left a mark, ladies still squirm in their seats, especially now that he has grown up and all, and has posed shirtless for Charlie Quilles. Hm, yum.

6. Blake McIver Ewing

Who would know that this nerdy boy from ‘Full House’ who played as Michelle’s nerdy best friend ill now be this gorgeous Hunk? Well, of course, no one knew that he would grow up like that, and we were much too pleased to see those rocking abs and sharp cheekbones.

7. Brandon ‘Bug’ Hall

Alfalfa was so nerdy back then that everyone thought that whoever is playing those roles must be as nerdy as well. But they were all oh so wrong. Right now, the new Brandon Hall is so handsome that you might get killed with his smile. Well, so much for exaggerating though. Right now, he is seen in series as Revolution and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

8. Jonathan Lipnicki

Remember that cute and nerdy boy from Stuart Little? He was so adorable, right? But his present self has long abandoned that cute and nerdy costume and has put on a hunky sexy face for himself. Top it up with his rock hard abs! I’ll just swoon, Jonathan, catch me! Well, in my dreams.

9. Aaron Schwartz

Having been to start early in the acting business with the film Heavy weights in 1995 and starring as Gerry, he was to choose between schooling and acting, that maybe why he suddenly vanished from the silver screen. But after a long time, he went back to the industry and stunned everyone with his transformation from being a chubby and awkward kid, to a hunkie.

10. Josh Hutcherson

Beginning in the acting career has its perks and perils. And for Josh, a peril is that even though he didn’t leave the industry, he was taken in as a very charming kid, which is the result of him starting young. And ever since he starred as Peeta, everyone saw him differently, and is now making women swoon over his name.

11. Josh Peck

Remember that chubby kid from ‘Drake and Josh’? Well, it was this guy after he lost some pounds. He did such a great job himself and that resulted to him to be an instant hottie and make every girl shout his name. Well, of course, we have to also give credit to his mesmerizing eyes.

12. Cole and Dylan Sprouse

Having been actors since they were little, they were able to be taken care of by the right people. And it was good that they haven’t been anything near what Miley is. They have grown into handsome young boys and we will be looking forward to the next years to come.

13. Chauncy Leopardi

So, what else do we need to say? Everything that we probably want to know is written all over the faces of these two pictures here. And we can clearly see the big difference. From nerdy to a really heart throbbing heartthrob if there is such thing.

14. Patrick Dempsey

Patrick has not been that kind of dork, but he definitely had those glasses on so he deserves to be in the list. And you may be seeing why we have decided this, right? The differences are very clear as day. He has turned into some hunk that he might have not been the same person.

15. Zac Efron

Who knew our beloved Zac is such a dork when he was younger? Well, probably those hardcore fans, but what about the rest? Well, he did go through the awkward sage, but he is still a cut above the rest, if you would. He has that potential, and now, look at hi flash his biceps and abs.