20 Facts Donald Trump Wishes We’d Forget

Isn’t it quite surprising that there are people who actually believe in all of Donald Trump’s advocacies? Surely, he has his own vision to bring back America in its “golden age,” but in light of globalization and in acknowledgement of the universal good, all his advocacies seem to be contrary to all that. Seriously, there are still a lot of things you surely don’t want to know about Donald Trump and things that he doesn’t even want us to know. Want to uncover all those?

Here are  20 Facts Donald Trump Wishes We’d Forget:

1. A Businessman Without a Heart

During the CNN Republican presidential debate, Donald Trump defended his company policy of outsourcing production. Well, we totally get that. But what we can’t accept is when he said that he’ll continue to take advantage of cheap work overseas and won’t do anything to solve the problem despite alleging that he knows how to fix it. So, that’s it. He won’t be solving global problems if it goes against his interest. Pft!