19 World’s Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Dog’s dangerous and vicious nature, is it due to their nature? Although domesticating animals brought us a long way into having dogs into our homes, there are still instances when our beloved four-legged buddies still act a little weird and turn out to be aggressive and violent. But we’d like to take into consideration what the famous dog whisperer Cesar Millan said, “All dogs are great companions. Communication creates a partnership and dogs have the simplest communication on the planet. For them, everything is about trust, respect and love.”

So, it is pretty safe to say that dogs are wonderful companion but there are also dog breeds that are highly susceptible to aggression. Let’s take a look at this list of dangerous dog breeds based on US statistical records.

1. Pit Bull

Varieties included: Pit Bull, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American StaffordshireTerrier

Registered dogs (U.S.): 2,683

Child victims: 661

Adult victims: 519

Maimings: 819

Deaths: 159

So far, pit bulls always top the list as the most dangerous and aggressive breed of dog there is. In fact, many countries banned this dog breeds and their varieties. Needless to say, proper and extensive training is required to pacify and prevent any aggressive outbursts.