Netflix have the house of cards back

Is this even legal???

Netflix gave audiences another reason to binge with the release of the fourth season of their hit series House of Cards after the tail end of last week and this has always been a flagship property with anticipation for new seasons always at a fever pitch and a pedigree including David Fincher and Beau Willimon as the show that put the streaming service on the map as a place for original programming.

It is quite obvious that House of Cards is special and this year is no exception for the show as season three ended on a real cliffhanger and plenty of us were dying to see what happens next. Everything previously involving Kevin Spacey’s now President Frank Underwood and Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood is fair game to steer clear of new spoilers of course.

The how started by introducing us to Congressman Frank Underwood who was Spacey and who is passed over for a cabinet position by the incoming President for those who don’t remember.

This was the beginning of Underwood on a path for revenge and encouraged by his just as ambitious wife Claire and aided by chief of staff Doug Stamper. He had found a way to make himself the Vice President, utilizing a reporter named Zoe Barnes by the end of the first season and Season two opened with him murdering Zoe when she became a liability something that he’s kept a secret. That season ended with him succeeding in his ultimate plan on becoming the Commander in Chief. We saw him as President and eventually having to go out and campaign for the nomination last season then we saw the season end with Claire stating that she was leaving Frank.

We see the battle of wills between Claire and Frank this season all the while having Heather Dunbar campaign against them. Many of the Old characters re-appear and will some leave for good but there is an early to mid-season twist that is sure to be of note to just about everyone. The one thing you can say for sure is that they’re not playing it safe at all here and things are just as extreme and fun as ever.

The House of Cards seems like can more or less do what they want if we move it forward. Willimon is no longer running the show so time will tell if that matters or not and many followers and fans suspect that we will only mildly notice a difference at all. For better or worse this is surely a well-oiled machine and some folks weren’t wild about last season. Many fans enjoyed quite a bit the last season and feel like this season has been even better. There is certainly the possibility that it will be hard to ever top the first season, but it will somehow be possible with this show having some really strong legs. So it won’t be going anywhere just yet and the powers that be at Netflix have a ton invested in this.