19 Embarrassing Movie Premier Moments

Remember that embarrassing moment when you accidentally put on makeup, but haven’t blended it well enough that you either ended up looking like a panda, or maybe even a weirdo with bad skin or maybe just tripped and fell, or someone spilled something on you? Worse is that you had your private parts seen for the world to see!  Anyway, it’s not just normal people who have these mishaps, but celebrities as well. Just imagine the uproar that they have to endure, good thing we’re not as popular as them. Anyway, here are some fails for you.

1. Embarrassing Movie Premier Moments #1: Kelly Brook

The English model, actress and television presenter stepped out in a stunning burgundy dress…only to be let down by the incredibly high crotch-length split. The 35-year-old gave onlookers a little too much to look at when her split showed off her underpants as she was walking the red carpet. Oops!