This Dog Gets Braces And It’s Amazing

For us, we all want to have perfect teeth, or at least a nice smile to go with us, and in an ideal world, everyone all over would have that, but then there wouldn’t be a need for dentists as much, or dental cosmetic procedures anyway. Just when we thought we humans were the ones who would mostly have some dental work done, we were clearly proven wrong. One of the things that has recently gone viral on the internet is the dog who had gotten braces! That’s right, braces! And it’s the most adorable thing ever. No one can pull off braces as cutely as this puppy, and we’re just here cooing at the super duper cuteness while at the same time feeling envious of this puppy who can just pull it off. Prepare to swoon at the cuteness of this puppy and how touching the story is. Everything is just better with puppies, really.

1. Meet Wesley

meet wesley

Wesley is a super adorable golden retriever puppy that’s only 6 months old, and also the cute main character for our story right here. Here he is, being a cute pup and being held by his owner Molly Moore.