22 Hilarious Red Carpet Moments You Will Never Forget

Being a celebrity seems like fun, and for us normal people, of course, we would like to enjoy some kind of stardom ourselves, but, are we really sure that we want it?? As far as we know, we have seen some celebs that seriously rocked their dos and there can still a few that, well, just did something hilarious and the media have been able to capture everything, and now, they are immortalized, doing a stupid thing, having that stupid face on, or basically, just trippin’ around. So here are some red carpet moments that certainly deserve a wink.

1. Hilarious Red Carpet Moments #1: Lets extend GRUMPY!

Okay, so smurfs aren’t Snow White’s dwarves, but it fits. Because she’s the queen of slapstick and sexiness, Sofia Vergara decided to try both on for size in the Big Apple for the red carpet premiere of The Smurfs. Good for her, helping out a forlorn blue man in his time of need with something that’s even bigger and prettier these days than her curves: her wallet.