The “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” leading lady

What a beautiful lady…

Tina Fey without question is an A-list comedy actress but not many people realize how good she is at more serious fare and she’s gotten opportunities before but Fey really gets a chance to shine in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot which is hitting theaters this week. It is a real showcase for her since it is dramedy perhaps more at home in the fall than the winter and she is quite good in the lead role. This performance will likely be one of the main reasons why she starts getting offered parts that could lead to an eventual Academy Award nomination in Best Actress or even Best Supporting Actress.

The film is a comedy/dramedy centered on a journalist recounting her time covering the war in Afghanistan named Kim Baker to be portrayed by Fey Kim who is initially stuck in a rut back in New York opts to leave behind her boyfriend Josh Charles and head to the front lines trying her hand at being a war correspondent. She eventually begins to make her way with the help of a kind handler/interpreter and a fellow female reporter. The film making team of John Requa and Glenn Ficarra direct with the adaptation of the real Kim Baker memoir coming from Robert Carlock. In addition to the aforementioned Fey and company and the rest of the company includes Nicholas Braun and Martin Freeman, Cherry Jones and Alfred Molina, Billy Bob Thornton and many strong cast which Fey is the star.

The fill would not be nearly as enjoyable if it is without her and acting is solid across the board but you only really identity with her. Both Requa and Ficarra probably would have had an ambitious yet hollow movie on their hands without Fey

The script by Carlock is more chuckles inducing than funny, so it’s up to her to really make some of the scenes sing. Robbie is a strong supporter (familiar with the directors from last year’s Focus), but it’s Fey this time who gets to be a lead and shine the brightest. Again, I do believe that this could really lead to bigger things for her. She’s already an underserved talent in cinema, though I think that’s on tihe cusp of changing.

Most fans speculate that the Oscar will come calling at all for Whiskey Tango Foxtrot id we talk awards wise and it would be a surprise Best Actress nomination for Fey if it did. This will more likely appeal to the Hollywood Foreign Press that would lead to a potentially decent showing at the Golden Globes. And the nominations in Best Comedy/Musical as well as Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical for Fey seem like safe bets right now unless the early year release ruins it. We have to keep an eye on it when the time comes late in 2016 since something like this can easily fall through the cracks, especially if it’s not a financial success and we’ll have to see what happens then.