Another Terrence Malick film to ponder

Another movie to watch for…

Terrence Malick is surely one of the very few filmmakers with a more singular style out there and he offers up another unique cinematic experience with Knight of Cups, sure to be a divisive little movie this week. He said it is part of his new and slightly grittier fare and it is certainly going to get a response out of you. We can say without question that this is unlike anything he has ever done before in terms of what he is trying to accomplish but Malick fans will have reason to anticipate this release and that’s for sure

The film follows a successful writer named Rick to be played by Christian Bale as he indulges in Hollywood excess and wanders around pontificating about his life to himself as well as the audience in voiceover monologue after voiceover monologue.


There are glimpses of his relationship with his brother and father as well as the various women in his life but often his just Rick who is wandering about a party or the streets of Los Angeles. Malick directs and write with cinematography from the great Emmanuel Lubezki and production design by longtime collaborator Jack Fisk, as well as music from Harlan Townshend along with other many casts.

Fans does not really care about for this flick but all of the issues I’ve been having with Malick over his past few works are here in full force and amped up with a story about a spoiled man whining about his life but doing nothing about it. The cast is wasted and the gorgeous visuals are as well and it all seems too quickly thrown together.

The care he showed in Badlands and other films appear to be gone in favor of a loose DIY style that just is a bad fit for the director. And many fans find it to be a big misfire that carries his bad habits from To the Wonder and expanding on them.

Most people think this one will be going anywhere if just awards wise and it’s the cinematography if there’s one aspect of the movie that is worthy of acclaim. Another interesting collaboration between Lubezki and Malick would be The Knight of Cups which is really saying something. In a certain indie awards groups could take a shine to it depending on what the budget point was on this and people suspect this will get the same sort of a reaction as well since they avoided To the Wonder.

The audiences will be able to see Knight of Cups for themselves when it begins its theatrical run this coming Friday and it is obvious that Malick fans will come out for it although it is not sure it will really appeal to anyone else. His previous film To the Wonder would be the best comparison to this and this one almost assuredly will if that one worked for you. Lest just wait for Friday to come and see if his new films will be a hit