23 Of The Weirdest Celebrity Photoshoots

We certainly have seen a selection of the most bizarre and embarrassing celebrity photoshoots of some of the artists that we admire now. Being a celebrity is never an easy job you’ll be followed hounded by the paparazzi or having your every move monitored and being judged by the eyes of the world is tough. You have to partake in some of the most ridiculously humiliating photoshoots ever is the worst of all of them. In order to promote a movie or an, celebrities or endorser have photoshoot sessions. Let us go through some of the weirdest photoshoot sessions that were ever mad where we don’t know what was going through the minds of either the photographer or the celebrities themselves in any of these gloriously ridiculous photos.

1. 23 Of The Weirdest Celebrity Photoshoots # 1. Leonardo Di Caprio


Yes him, the guy we all love and admire. He did not actually start at the top, he sometimes find himself in many embarrassing photoshoots early in his career. The most weird one was his photoshoot where the Titanic star resting on a bed of fruit while demonstrating his banana-holding abilities.