Footballer Adam Johnson’s disastrous relationship history is now revealed

 What a disaster!!!

The Big Brother winner was in a three month relationship with the disgraced football player Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson seem to have it all on the surface with his glittering football career, newborn baby girl and astunning girlfriend.

But the public have watched his world unravel over the last few weeks as intimate details of his private life have been revealed in court before he was found guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old fan.

That point onwards seem to show that Adam’s love life was far from simple and he was not a devoted dad of one and had in fact been having a string of affairs as well, but it is not really the first time the Sunderland footballer has been caught up in a complicated relationship though.

There was a hit headlines when he was dumped by his Ex- girlfriend Sophie Reade after he publicly bid on Katie Price at a charity auction last 2010

Johnson was involved with Big Brother winner and glamour girl Sophie Reade as well in year before he met the mother of child Stacey Flounders.

It was three months that the pair dated and things seemed promising until he took part in a charity auction in Cheshire and Johnson who was playing for Manchester City at the time bid on a date with Katie Price aka Jordan alongside his fellow player Micah Richards.

The bid was a whopping £12,000 between the two players for a date with Katie who was then married to Alex Reid and she promised them a night they will never forget.

Sophie L told the news by a mate that while he was still at the event she text him saying that the romance was over Straight after the bid was made. She told the Daily Star at that time that he humiliated her in front of hundreds of people and there is no way he can get away with that, which the Daily Star reported. The report also said that if he wanted to raise money for charity then he should have run a marathon instead.

Sophie L’s tweets at the time also referred to the betrayal, as she wrote: ‘Would like to meet a nice guy for a change who don’t turn out to be a complete loser!’ as well as ‘Treat her RIGHT or the RIGHT man will!’ It is unclear if Adam and Kati ever went on the date.

Mario Balotelli was one of the footballers who has been linked to Sophie in the past but cheated on her with her best friend on New Year’s Eve.

Sophie has been linked to other in the past include Mario Balotelli – who cheated on her with her best friend on New Year’s Eve.

She said during that time that she felt that she utterly betrayed by Mario and she really cared for him and he insisted he felt the same way about her. She admitted that she would never normally date a footballer because they have such bad reputations but Mario seemed very different.