Why are we excited for the “Fifty Shades Darker”

Are you excited???

Having the second movie of the Fifty Shades of Gray surely excites the fans and there are certainly a lot of reasons why. The first thing would be its Soundtrack. The fans are really excited what song will be used in the second film even if nothing I yet confirmed. It could be Beyoncé‘s or any Oscar nominee. The only thing for sure right now is the assurance that whatever the song will be surely will be a huge hit the same as the “Love me Like You do” on the first film.

Next would be the round of stilted press interactions between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. It is not that they don’t like each other and it’s just that he had to start shooting this naked sex movie approximately one minute after his wife had a baby. It seems doubtful that the lack of newborn will make them less awkward together

Tyler Hoechlin’s presence is highly awaited as well. His character Boyce Fox doesn’t even appear in person in the books so one can only assume that producers added Tyler in. The reasons might be because he’s extremely good-looking or they’re setting up some more flirtation opportunities for Ana and men who aren’t named Christian Grey or both!

Another presence that we should be excited about would be Leila’s who is here to stir shit up. Do you really think you’re so cute with Anastasia’s little cardigans, biting of her lip isdriving Christian crazy? You will think twice when you meet Leila.

Jack Hyde presence as well. It is not only the Game of Thrones have a lot of enemies. This film as well and Jack Hyde is one of the worst. The character would be played by Eric Johnson who will was Whitney on Smallville. And his fight with Christian is going to be amazing.

Kim Basinger in what is definitely this movie’s most perfect casting choice yet as Christian’s ex-dome Elena Lincoln aka Mrs. Robinson  and they should just go ahead and give her a spin-off right now.

There can’t possibly be anything left to say but Jamie Dornan giving more interviews about his penis pouch and some intrepid reporter will find out more. They probably have changed pouch models for this film or maybe he’ll have some kind of dick slip that he mentions in every single men’s magazine interview he ever does for the rest of his life. We just have to stay tune in order to find out.

This second film will surely NOT BORING. It is hard to deny that the plot can be summed up with ‘So are these two going to date or what?’ no matter how much you enjoyed the first movie. The exiting thing about the Fifty Shades Darker is it got Christian’s ex-lovers and guns, tire slashing and a whole slew of new men trying to steal Ana from Mr. Grey. We just have to wait for the movie to really enjoy the show for real.