Tom Richards slapped with restraining order after pub fight

The right thing for him…

A 12-month restraining order was given to the MMA fighter after the clash in October last year.

The ex-fiancé of former East Enders actress Danniella Westbrook Thomas Richards was at court Thursday morning because of the restraining order he got after he admitted harassing the star at a pub

The 26 year old Tom Richards approached the 42 year old actress Danniella Westbrook on 14th October last year as she had lunch with friends at a pub in east London, The MMA fighter demanded to know who Westbrook was with before launching into a foul-mouthed tirade when both Westbrook and the landlady of the pub asked him to leave.

Westbrook’s former toy boy labelled the reality star a ‘slag’ and then mocked her infamous lifestyle telling her she will be dead by Christmas. Richards was charged days before his former lover Westbrook exited the Celebrity Big Brother House after finishing fifth. Richards appeared and admitted tell her threatening behaviour that caused alarm or distress at Thames Magistrates Court.

The Prosecutor Rosalind Fox said that that was domestic in context and both the defendant and victim are now ex-partners and it is right to say there has been a history of domestic allegations between them as well. It is at Macy’s Hotel two doors away from the pub on Station Road that the court heard that the pair had been staying and Westbrook was enjoying lunch with her friends when Richards burst in at around 2pm.

Fox continued that she was subsequently joined by the defendant who asks her a number of questions along the lines of who she was with and so forth and at one point she described the defendant getting argumentative insulting her and calling her a number of names  which includes calling her a slag. Fox as well added that the landlady of the pub then asked Richards to leave but all he did was subsequently shout to the victim saying she will be dead by Christmas.

Westbrook wanted a restraining order and non contact when the police had made enquiries at the outset she had indicated. Westbrook was marked as ‘high risk’ as noted with the pair’s turbulent history and it is quite clear that the victim felt extremely scared because as a result of that police were called, says Ms. Fox. The allegation was made and he was subsequently arrested in his hotel room

After Westbrook ended her 12-year marriage to Kevin Jenkins was the time that couple got together but their romance was marred by a string of bust-ups. It was in late 2014 that Daniella received a black eye but Richards denied that he harm Daniella and gave her that black eye and later that year they broke off their engagement after a volatile two-year relationship. Richards was arrested for a second time in Swansea over allegations he had again assaulted the actress in April during their brief reunion last year.