Before They Were Big Stars: 17 Actors Who Were On “The X-Files”

You may know these stars now, but back when the original “The X-Files” aired, they were pretty much unknown actors. Today, these stars have become successful actors and household names. Here are some stars that appeared on “The X-Files”.

1. Bryan Cranston

Photo from businessinsider.com

You could say that Bryan Cranston’s guest role on “The X-Files” was what made his career what it really is today. He was cast for the role of Patrick Crump because Vince Gilligan (a name you are probably very familiar with) wanted someone who could humanize the role and make this villain a character that you could sympathize with. Cranston ended up exceeding Gilligan’s expectations which inspired him to lobby the AMC executives to let him cast Cranston as Walter White in this little known show called “Breaking Bad”. Despite their reservations of hiring Malcolm’s dad as their big bad guy, they did and the show really wouldn’t have been the same without him.