21 Movies That Really Get Better Every Time You Watch

Before we start, keep in mind that this list could vary from person to person. We all have our tastes. We all have those movies that just seem to get better after the first time we’ve watched it, and those movies that we should just leave it the first time we’ve watched it. But for this list, we can focus on the former. If you’re a film buff, which we are, then the list might seem endless. Fortunately, we’ve managed to compress everything on our end just a bit. Here is our list of movies that just happen to get better whenever we decide to watch it again and again, and again. 

1. Back To The Future

The next two installments of this movie were just fine, but the first one is always the most exciting one to see. The first movie takes us to Marty McFly going back in the 50’s, the time before his parents met and fell in love. It’s always exciting to see Marty meeting his dad George for the very first time, as well as him meeting his mom for the first time. But what else makes this film so much better with every watch? It’s a film that is no doubt timeless, with phrases that are still being used today, although we can agree that being called a chicken is barely an insult now.