Russell Wilson is expanding his brand…

Russell Carrington Wilson, Seattle Seahawks quarterback, wants you to be a good man as well as dress like one. A well decorated football player, Wilson now adds the titles entrepreneur and philanthropist to his list of achievements.

Drafted by the NFL in 2012, he was named Pepsi’s Rookie of the Year. Wilson led the Seahawks to their first ever Super Bowl victory just a year after being drafted. In 2014, he led the Seahawks again to snag a spot at the Super Bowl

Clearly, Russell Wilson is great at playing football but his new clothing brand the Good Man Brand is proving to us that he is good at a lot of other things. In an interview with Huffington Post, the quarterback said “Hey, be good. Be good. You know what, be good. Be good!” It seems that the phrase is crucial enough to be repeated three times, a number you will find is significantly relevant to the brand because it is the number Wilson wears on his jersey. To one of the NFL’s top quarterback, “The good man leads, the good man inspires and the good man lives a good life.”

Lead. Inspire. Live. That is the message that Russel Wilson wants himself and other to be good at. To really live by example, the quarterback has decided to partner his Why Not You Foundation and his clothing line the Good Man Brand. The brand is using a business model that is similar to TOMS’ buy-one-give-one policy. This type of social entrepreneurship is lauded for getting the ordinary man more involved in bettering the globe both internationally and in local communities. Good Man Brand is joining hundreds of brands worldwide that offer household products, apparel and even sleeping bags using business models that directly benefit their local communities or developing countries that may need their products.

Good Man Brand will donate $3 dollars from every purchase to charity. Russel Wilson and his team are currently focusing on the plight of inner-city education, a cause that is close to Wilson’s heart. Wilson and his team chose inner-city education for the kind of tangible impact it has on these communities. More funds into these educational centers means education will become even more accessible to low income families.

A reflection of his dedication on the field, Russel Wilson is already looking to make a major difference in the world through his brand. He aims to make as huge an impact as he can and he wants his consumers to be as invested in it as he is. That is the beauty of using retail as a platform for philanthropy. It is a huge flight from fancy charity dinners attended by the nation’s elite. With Good Man Brand, consumers can help purchase school supplies for inner city kids by just ringing a pair of jeans on the register.

Aside from talking about the impact his clothing brand will have, Russel also emphasized their dedication to well-crafted clothing that is fashionable and functional as well as durable. T-shirts will start at $76 while polos come at a starting price of $128. A basic hoodie will be $168, jeans at $188. The Good Man Brand also has shoes at $298.