21 Celebrity Mean Tweets: Movie Edition

So the Oscars just happened, and boy was it a ceremony for the ages. Leo finally getting one after being nominated for so long, with a lot of memorable films that were all worthy of getting Best Picture, and so on, there were many highlights with this year’s ceremony as there were with the ones before it. Jimmy Kimmel is known for having a segment on his show called “Mean Tweets”, where celebrities and public figures read mean tweets by random people about them. There’s been a music edition, and now, there’s a movie edition which is only fitting for the occasion. Some are a little mean, but some are more hilarious than harsh.

1. Amy Poehler

SNL alum, “Parks & Recreation” actress, Tina Fey’s BFF, and writer Amy Poehler, is known to kids for being the woman who voiced the character Joy in the Oscar-winning Pixar movie, “Inside Out”. This mean tweet can easily be turned into something positive. Isn’t it great that she survived a nuclear blast, though?