20 Images Of 2016 Oscar Nominees In Early Roles

The 2016 Academy Awards has just been held and a lot of speculations have already been answered. As usual there were some surprises when the winners were announced, but definitely it was a night to remember. The celebrities were just dazzling as they walked on the Red Carpet, especially the nominees. But just before the said event, have you ever thrown your bet on who would win? Some may have taken a look at the past movies of the nominees and the roles they played in the movies. This is so that they might just be able to guess it right on who will be the winners. Perhaps it would be best if we also take a look at the early roles of some of the nominees just to see how they also did before.

1. Bryan Cranston in Total Recall

Bryan played the role of Chancellor Vilos Cohaagen in the movie “Total Recall.” He did very well in portraying one of the villains in the said movie. Not to mention that he actually looked very stunning as well.