20 Actors Who Won Oscars For Portraying Real People

Awards season has finally come to a close with the Oscars just happening recently, and many can agree that this is the biggest award show in Hollywood. There were snubs, sure, but there were also many people who deserved the recognition they got that night. The films that are being celebrated are not just limited to fictional stories, sometimes, biopics, or dramatized life stories are also being celebrated, with the actors and actresses that play the leading roles end up winning an award, or are even just up for a nomination. So, let’s stop for a moment to look back at the actors who have won an Oscar for playing real people.

1. Sir Ben Kingsley

He won Best Actor in 1983, for his portrayal of Indian leader and peacemaker, Mahatma Gandhi in the film, “Gandhi”. It proved to be one of his best roles throughout his career.