15 Movies From The 90s You Must See With Your Kids Now

You loved these movies as a younger person for a reason, so why not share the joy of some of these 90s classic with your kids. It will make a perfect opportunity to spend some time together while reliving your own childhood. These are some classics that you need to share with the next generation.

1. “My Girl”, 1991

Photo from buzzfeed.com

How can you forget this movie that really made everyone cry? Sure this was only as long as they had a heart, but still it is a must see movie for tweens and above as it is a great coming-of-age story that they really need to watch. There is love and heartbreak and death, all things that will show these children how to handle these situations as they grow older. Plus, you cannot resist a Macaulay Culkin when he was a cute little boy because he had such talent and promise back then. Anna Chlumsky really was perfect in the role of Vada and she would draw the tears of every human being as her character, especially with the poem at the end of the movie.