Trump is going to be the Republican nominee

 What are your thoughts???


There were a lot of reactions saying that it’s over since Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. Trumpjust added Nevada to the growing list of caucus primary wins and who can stop him now when he got what he needs now, which is more delegates to clinch?

Trump succeeded in upending rivals such as Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson in the recent polls which he is leading in national polls and in many state polls and people think that no one can stop him now. But will the GOP embrace him? They certainly won’t since the establishment doesn’t like him because it can’t control him and yet he’s the only conservative candidate who stands a chance against Hillary Clinton. The recent polls shows that Marco Rubio is doing well as a conservative uniterbut no one will hammer Clinton’s biggest weakness better than Trump which is Clinton fatigue. Bush has limped away from the raceare just from the past two weeksrace in a manner that validates almost every insult Trump had flung at him.

People still respect Jeb and says he have at least the guts to face the truth and withdraw.  John Kasich who gives good hugs are nice guy but under what scenario does he actually win? And Carson was as surprise as we are which means he certainly doesn’t belong there.

It is delusional for the others to stay at this point. It is time for them to pack their bags and turn their loss into a win on the speaking and publishing circuit. Which leaves Rubio and Cruz but neither one of them can beat Clinton or Trump for that matter. Even if Crus got Iowa to pack him up, he is still too scary for moderate Republicans and independents and the GOP establishment can hope that, Rubio will scoop up enough non-Trump votes to cruise to a victory now that Jeb was gone. Cruz and Trump there won’t be enough left to give Rubio the bump he needs to pass Trump as they grab their share of the undecided.


It was last summer when a certain “someone” gave five reasons why so many Americans loved Trump and why he would go the distance and four of his reasons cemented his path to the Republican nomination. And the seasoned political commentators and pundits just rolled their eyes at him at that time but they are now predicting a win. His reasons are He’s real, He doesn’t care what you think, Many Americans hate Washington, It’s early (null),  People want to see him debate. He said he know trump and that he have delivered keynotes for his company and spoken at the same leadership events andchatted in green rooms and interviewed him on camera.

Trump’s campaign hasn’t actually changed one bit in eight months which somehow has just doubled down on the tone and the temper and the tactics.

Last July of 2015 in Sun City in South Carolina, Trump put this to a crowd: : “We are tired of being pushed around and led around by stupid people … we need smart leadership, we need great leadership. We need to make America great again.” Trump was certainly right by telling the media he didn’t see Jeb as a factor.