20 Movies You Won’t Believe Were Nominated For Oscars

We all know of those big cities in Europe that is filled with everything that we would like to see; great art, beautiful women, great architecture, and most of all, the climate and food. But we may not think of these small towns when we think of Europe as a continent, but they would also have almost everything in our lists, at a much cheaper price! Not to mention that they would be having a view of the forests and its going to much quieter. So, we are here to present you of the 20 Secret European villages that you will surely love.

1. Movie That Was Nominated for the Oscars#1: Fifty Shades of Grey

Thanks to The Weekend’s sensual original song for the soundtrack, Earned It, the romance got a best original song nomination in 2016. It is, a great song, and it did deserve a nomination, but the fact that it was carrying the name of the series, well…