17 People Who Look Like Dolls

Almost every young girl loves a Barbie doll. As far as we could remember, whenever we pass through a toy store or a doll store, we can see little girls wanting to have a Barbie doll. It just seems normal for a little girl to want to ask her parents for a Barbie doll since it really looks pretty. But sometimes, some people just can’t get over it and seems to bring this hobby along as they grew up. They just can’t get over that feeling that they wanted to look like the dolls themselves. It may be scary at times for some people, or they might think of them as weird. The thing is that they are neither scary nor weird. In fact, they are quite interesting and fascinating. So it’s time to meet some of these fascinating people.

1. Dakota Rose

Dakota is very popular in China and Japan. She has already been featured on news networks. She is so popular that as young as she is, she already has a lot of fans and at times been considered as an anime character. Aside from Dakota Rose, she is also known as Kotakoti.