Wolverine 3 is going to be Bloodier – R-Rated Sequel to Feature Old Man Logan

Wolverine 3 may have just started its production, but we can confirm right now that it’s going to be bloody.

Wolverine 1

What else can we expect from the X-Men’s most violent, most savage, and most popular member? And with the R-rating confirmed, we can only expect this movie to be even bloodier. We’re talking about straight-up brutality in here, since our main character is a regenerating mutant with unbreakable, retractable claws. Releasing a Wolverine movie with an R-rating is like letting loose a couple of Hellhounds upon the souls of the innocent. It’s not going to be pretty – and that’s exactly how we like it.

It may be the distant cousin of Marvel, but Fox’s X-Men movies seem to be going for the darker side of the cinematic glory, so as to contrast the bright and colorful heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fox recently green-lit an R-rated Wolverine 3, and it probably has something to do with a certain Merc with a Mouth (let’s call him Deadpool) whose solo movie dominated the box office and is poised to be the top-grossing R-rated movie of all time. Wow.

Regardless of Fox’s motivation, we’re all very excited to see Wolverine 3, as it is our way of saying our bittersweet goodbye to Hugh Jackman, as it will be the last time he will ever work on a movie as Wolverine. It’s sad, but we have to let go. We’re just expecting this third movie to be epic, so as to create a permanent legacy for Jackman’s iconic portrayal of the role.

According to Den of Geek, which has strong insider knowledge on all things geeky, Fox is totally going down the Old Man Logan route with this upcoming final chapter to Wolverine’s cinematic story. That means it’s not going to be an easy life for our favorite clawed hero.

Wolverine 2

For those of you who don’t know, Old Man Logan might just be the darkest story arc in Wolverine’s entire existence. That’s the reason it can’t be justified on-screen without an R-rating. Blood and gore defines this story, as it is one of Wolverine’s bloodiest adventures.

The story is all about Logan, who is living in a distant, post-apocalyptic future, in a desolated wasteland known as California. It is now run by gangsters descended from a certain Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk, anyone?). The Hluk Gang gives Old Man Logan a hard time (translation: they beat him up for not paying his rent), but he doesn’t fight back.

While this is uncharacteristic for Wolverine, he refuses to actually return to his Wolverine persona because he is haunted by his dark past – something that involves the deaths of all his friends. Hawkeye will recruit him on a mission and heads are going to roll in a literal manner.

The problem here is that Marvel owns plenty of important characters on this story, so it’s gonna be interesting how it’s going to translate into the big screen. We’re gonna have to wait to find out. The only thing we can confirm for sure is that the title will change before March ends, so Wolverine 3 may become something else. Let’s wait and see.