20 Biggest Shocks From The Oscars

The biggest awards show of the year is only 4 days away and that means a lot of new moments to be had. There weren’t so much surprises the previous year as the bets to win the awards actually did win, as well as in other award shows. This year, perhaps the biggest surprise (or maybe not surprising) of this upcoming show is of the lack of diversity. So, in honor of that big surprise, we’ve recalled some of the most shocking moments that the Academy has had (there are many, we tell you). A mix of who got snubbed the award, who didn’t get nominated at all, and what people were doing or saying or wearing even.

1. Jack Palance Does Push-Ups On Stage

He actually did it. Hollywood legend Jack Palance won a Best Supporting Actor award back in 1992, for “City Slickers”. The actor then started off his acceptance speech by saying how directors are often questioning what actors and actresses his age can and can’t do. He decided to prove what he could do by suddenly getting down and performing one-armed pushups on the stage.