18 Hilarious Celebrity Encounters

Oh, the things we end up getting into when it comes to meeting celebrities. When it comes to the chance of being able to meet our favorite celebrities, or just famous people in general, we usually think; fan meet and greets, autograph signings, concerts, movie premieres, live tv interviews, contests, conventions, maybe even at award shows, or perhaps the least common but still possible situations? While they’re somewhere filming or just out and about on the street. If we’re lucky, we can talk to them for a bit or even have a photo with them, depending of course, if they want to. But some people just end up meeting celebrities in the most awkward of situations that you can’t help but feel bad at how cringe-worthy it may be and at the same time laugh at how hilarious it all is.

1. Peter Andre Gets A Surprise Kiss

Well, for those of us who are fans of Peter Andre, you might think that this woman was pretty lucky to be able to share a momentary lip-lock with the guy. But for Peter Andre, it might not be something he’d want to remember. In fact, he may even be a little scared to go out if it’s going to be like that.