17 Most Luxurious Homes In The World

We know that big shots always have this luxurious homes that they would like to rest into, and surely, we wouldn’t want to have a peak of what their homes look like. Too bad that we won’t get to see the inside of their homes, but this list would definitely let you know whose houses are luxurious (and expensive) enough to get into this list. Here are 17 most luxurious homes in the world of Celebrities.

1. Most Luxurious Homes In The World #1: ASHTON KUTCHER & MILA KUNIS


It might be too bad for Kutcher to abandon his home of $12 Million for a $10 Million with Mila, but who wouldn’t be risking that much? Its $2 million cheaper, and Mila is one helluva hot partner, that we wouldn’t be having second thoughts of moving in with her. Plus, she was expecting a child at the time.