13 Hysterical Roller Coaster Photos

Sure, summer is still some long ways ahead, but who said that you can’t laugh at the photos taken at the end of the roller coaster ride? And for all we know, if you’ve ridden one that is, that photo in the end, might be a horrible part of the ride, since your hair is all messed up and stuff, but it’s still a great memoir, since it captures everything there is to the ride. Let’s face it, some are just plain horrible, and some are coincidentally great, and some take this opportunity for that perfectly timed photo that we will be laughing at any minute now. Anyway, as we’ve said, here are 13 funny roller coaster pictures that will definitely hurt your stomach laughing.

1. Hysterical Roller Coaster Photo#1: Looking cool in their suits and glasses

Hey, this one is in the list, since they are awesome at doing this, and even just by thinking about it. What’s more awesome is that they have found a way to not let their bodies shake, or fall in the process of that picture. Let’s just hope that it didn’t really result in an accident on their part, mainly because that stunt sure is dangerous!