19 Oscar facts that may Surprise You

Oscar is one of the great awards that a celebrity can have. Now, there are facts that may surprise you. There are some Awards that you didn’t now YET. Now let us uncover those facts then.

Since the annual Academy Awards will soon be airing, we thought we might give you some trivia and facts about the Oscars.With the 86th annual Academy Awards airing Sunday, March 2, we thought we’d wet your awards night appetite with some trivia. Here are 19 surprising facts and “firsts” to probe your Oscars history knowledge.

1. 19 Oscar facts that may Surprise You # 1.

Do you know what was the first color film to win best picture?It was“Gone with the Wind” (1939). It was made by British inventor and cinematographer Edward Raymond Turner back in 1902. This film featured segments of a girl on a swing, marching solders a macaw and a goldfish.