Adele’s Marred Performance at Grammys 2016

Everyone has their own bad days…


During an interview with Adele in The Ellen DeGeneres Show last Thursday, Adele told Ellen that she cried pretty much all day after her 2016 Grammy’s performance was marred by technical difficulties.

Adele who is known as the multiple Grammy winner performed one of the tracks from her latest album 25 titled All I asked during the Grammy’s 2016. Unfortunately for her, she got off to a shaky start when her microphone went off for a couple seconds and there was a sound as though someone was playing an out of tune guitar making the whole performance sound a bit off.

DeGeneres asked Adele how she felt about the performance, what Adele confided that she kept spontaneously bursting into tears the day after the Grammy’s. Later that night, Adele tweeted that the piano mics fell on to the piano strings and creating the strange guitar sound. She told DeGeneres that she was embarrassed. When she I woke up the next morning to people being like They still love her and don’t worry’ she was like “I didn’t ask you if you still loved me, but thanks!’”

But Adele admitted that she is a Crybaby. Even if the performance went really well or even if it had been a standout performance, she would have cried as well. I was just unfortunate for her that the reason for her tears is the other way around.

Adele said she continued to sing even with the obvious technical difficulties because she knows that she was on live television and it would be worse if she stop and start the song over. She admitted that she froze when she the piano mic had fallen on the strings but she did not turn and lift it up and continued the Show. I truly think that what she did deserves more than just a standing ovation. She would have busted a joke if it wasn’t live TV but since it was, she can’t afford to make the disaster her own she explained to DeGeneres.  She also added that if Next time she have any sound issues, she is going to start over.


Adele’s sales on her albums are known to have broken numerous records and well-known as well for vocal prowess. Knowing how amazing her voice is, the audience quickly understood that her performance resulted from technical difficulties.

The good thing about being a crybaby is that they bounce back quickly. According to Adele herself, she treated herself to a burger and a beer after the awards show and she tweeted about the same thing, was treating herself to an In N Out burger. Adele said that you will feels more pressure to do well onstage as an artist gets more successful and the Grammy’s certainly put things into perspective. She feels like she is all right now since she knows that she can’t go that much worse than the Grammy’s. She ended the interview saying she can just dust off anything that will happen to her.