16 Actors Who Got Drunk On Set

Even seasoned actors need a little push to have that extra courage to perform a rather challenging role. And by extra courage, we mean an extra glass of tequila! Well that could also mean a glass of beer, a shot of vodka, rhum or whatever their preference is. Whatever the case is, some actors pour themselves into a certain role and truly imbibe their character. True enough, there are also those who bring on the booze out of boredom, addiction or just for the spur of the moment. So, who are your favortie celebs who got a bit of booze on set?

Here are 16 Actors Who Got Drunk on Set:

1. Billy Bob Thornton - Bad Santa

Billy Bob Thornton was, literally, a bad Santa Claus. His character drinks a lot, utters the most vulgar words and is practically a huge bum. So what better way to truly imbibe the character than getting drunk during filming? As expected, Thornton was pretty hammered most of the time and he admits the same.