Famous boxer Manny Pacquiao was kicked out by Nike

Is this even legal???

Nike cut its endorsement contract with the boxer turned Philippine Senate Candidate Manny Pacquiao after he made a horrible comments about gay people. Nike said that they find Manny Pacquiao’s comments abhorrent. It is known that the Nike strongly opposes discrimination of any kind and even already have a long history of supporting and standing up for the right of the LGBT community. The contract with Manny was terminated after he said that gay people are worse than animals. Manny even said that it is common sense since you can never see any animals having male to male or female to female relationship.

Manny also said that the animals are better than gay people since they recognize gender difference. After receiving criticism from a lot of people, not just the LGBT community, Manny issued what has been generously called an apology in Facebook. He said that he was sorry for hurting people by comparing homosexuals to animals. He is asking for forgiveness for those he have caused pain. He said that he is still standing in his belief that He is against same-sex because of what the bible states but he is not condemning the LGBT. He she loves everyone with the love of the Lord and he is praying for everyone as well.

Even if he made an apology, the damage has been done. The content of comment was plain wrong as well. There are animals that engage in same sex relationship. Interpreting what the Bible says actually depends on how someone interprets the holy book.

It is known as well that this is not the first time Pacquiao made the news for anti-gay remarks. The boxer already made comments about his dislike about the same-sex relationship but during those times, it seems that he was widely misunderstood.

The conservative freelance writer of Granville Ampong quoted a passage from the Leviticus that suggests gay people should be killed. The same was quoted by Manny during his previous interview but again, we seem to misunderstand him. According to the Sports Website called Deadspin, The boxer did make some anti-gay comments saying that only the opposite sex couples should be allowed to marry.  These interviews were denied by Pacquiao after he got the media’s attention. He even said he never read the book of Leviticus yet. He also added that he have a relative who is gay so he is not against gay people. So now he claimed he had nothing against gay people but he still opposes same-sex marriage. He actually has the same arguments back when he compared gay people to animals.

Pacquiao’s claim about having nothing against gay people is hard to believe since he makes headlines proving himself wrong. If he really is not against gay people, then why would he say that gay people are worse than animals and then double down on those comments by citing the Holy Book? Pacquiao said that his Christian faith defend his beliefs, yet a lot of Christians disagree with him