19 Rare Photos Of People In History

Unless we have a time machine at hand where we could go back in time to see the famous people in history, we could only rely on photos and perhaps questions towards our grandparents or even great-grandparents if they were still alive. A picture is worth a thousand words. One photograph can make everyone think of the story behind it, what the people in the photo must have been thinking, or feeling, or both. These rare photographs that we have below offer us a glimpse of what was going on back then, especially with the people that were in it.

1. Ava Gardner & Burt Lancaster At The Beach - 1946

While it was never certain that these two Hollywood screen legends ever dated, these two sure made a good pair of friends, and were co-stars in the noir film “The Killers” back in 1946, when this photo was shot, and it also happened to be his film debut as well. The two of them were doing some acro-yoga at the beach.