People Are Petitioning For Deadpool to Host Saturday Night Live!

With the massive box office success of Marvel’s Deadpool, it’s no longer surprising that people want to see more of the costumed mercenary, even before the sequel rolls around!

Deadpool 1

We know it would take a long, long while before we get to see the “Merc with a Mouth” in the big screen again, as the sequel hasn’t even started production yet, and the first movie is still on its blockbuster run. That’s just how much we love the wise-cracking superhero (who denies being heroic) with regenerative capabilities.

Still, that’s not stopping his fans from launching an online petition to have Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds host Saturday Night Live (hopefully in the Deadpool costume). Someone created the petition through Change.org, and it’s quickly gaining traction. In fact, people were so excited over the idea that the site crashed. Everyone just can’t get enough of this fourth wall-breaking gunman.

Right now Ryan Reynolds and his representatives haven’t commented yet, but we have a feeling that he’d love to do the show. Of course there would still be a lot of negotiations before it can actually come to fruition, but the petition will go a long way in furthering our cause. The last time he hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live was back in 2009, wherein he was only moderately famous, and he was tasked to monologue about how superhero movies are similar to romantic movies.

Reynolds has always felt like a huge star in the making, but his movies were often flops, despite his charisma. It took Deadpool to really launch him into the spotlight, but we know it was worth the wait. He took around a decade to have the Deadpool movie approved – and done the way it should be. Remember how no one liked the first rendition of the Deadpool character? This is Reynolds’ way of taking back what is rightfully his.

Deadpool 2

The movie earned $150 million at the US box office in its first four days, and the sequel is already being planned. In fact, according to a post-credits scene, the Marvel character Deadpool will be featured in it.

And while there are some concerns that the movie’s budget might inflate to unbelievable levels simply because the first film was a massive success – the producers assured that this will not happen. A Cable-centric film will probably require more special effects, and therefore a bigger budget for visual editing, but the producers want to keep the sequel simple, so as to keep the movie grounded.

That’s what made the Deadpool movie so spectacular. Its simplicity and humor made it stand out from the rest of the superhero movies in the genre, which take things to unbelievable heights. Instead, they will introduce Cable into the world of Marvel’s most unconventional anti-hero, so that Deadpool will remain relatable and amazing at the same time.

So sorry, Marvel fans. It looks like there’s no time-travelling involved in the next film. But hey, at least we can all continue to petition for Deadpool to host in Saturday Night Live! We’ll get to witness his sly humor again – and frankly, that’s just the way we love him.