Deadpool Breaks Sixteen Walls, Also Smashes the Box Office and Makes Cinematic History

Deadpool is not the kind of character you should mess around with. He may be just a comic book character, but underestimate him and he will break every wall – including the fourth wall, which separates his reality from yours – just to get his revenge.

Deadpool 2

And now that his film has been released, he’s not just a comic book or TV character anymore, he’s a superstar! If you were wondering – yes, we indeed left out the horrible version of the Deadpool character which appeared in an X-Men film, because we could all agree that was a disaster.

In the 2016 film, released appropriately close to Valentine’s Day, finally gave justice to the lovable ‘Merc with a Mouth’.

If you don’t know who Deadpool is, he’s a creation of Marvel (the same brains that created the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four, among others) who serves as a fourth-wall breaking anti-hero with regenerative abilities and incredible fighting chops.

His origin story was recently glorified by Hollywood through the release of his very first solo movie, which is currently breaking a lot of box office records, and making cinematic history – all during his opening weekend.

Don’t believe it? Well that’s just how Wade Wilson (Deadpool’s real name) rolls.

Frequently talking to the audience and stopping mid-fight to muse over trivial things made Deadpool an interesting character to bring to life on-screen. Mixing action and comedy while spicing it up with little doses of gore and romance made this R-rated film a winner.

Deadpool 1

In fact, Deadpool’s opening weekend grossed a record-breaking $135 million over the three-day Valentine’s Day/Presidents Day weekend, making it the biggest opening ever for an R-rated film. It’s safe to say it exceeded all expectations (since not even 20th Century Fox was completely confident in this title, and it took over a decade for them to green light this project). This enormous victory for both Marvel and Fox will surely make it possible for more “underdog” titles to be released soon (and by that we mean those under-appreciated names in the pages of the Marvel comics).

The Deadpool movie may have been approved, but it only received a modest budget of $58 million dollars, making its surprising success even more glorious, especially for main star Ryan Reynolds who spent the decade battling for this dream project.

By now the film has surpassed Fifty Shades of Grey’s $93 million gross this same month last year. We could expect Deadpool to reach a colossal $150 million within the next few days. We could thank Fox’s aggressive marketing for this movie’s success, because they really used the character’s signature wit and humor to win over the masses, especially those who have never heard of him prior to the movie’s release.

If you haven’t watched yet, we suggest you head on out to your local movie theater, because it’s gonna be worth every dollar. Deadpool is not only an interesting character; he’s hilarious and surprisingly romantic too. Also look out for how well he handles handling a bunch of enemies with only 12 bullets. We don’t call him Deadpool for nothing.