Evidence That The Bacon Trend Went Too Far

Bacon, bacon, bacon, yes we love bacon, and there is nothing better than bacon, and no one would be stopping bacon!! Well, that was unless the trend went waay too far, and we’re talking about bacon cups, tacos, and even bacon wrapped in chocolate! Seriously, we know that bacon is an all-time favorite, but please, please, don’t put chocolate to the greasiness of that heaven, and no avocados as well. Here are just some of what we can find online.

1. Evidence That Bacon Went Too Far #1:  The Bacon Burger

Sure, we like the sound of a bacon burger, and we also like the idea of large patties and even triple patties at that. But this one is already killing the bacon machine. Just look at how much bacon that is!

Even people who likes bacon so much will cringe at how much bacon are going to be going down the dumpster once someone can’t finish this much.