Duncan Jones gives the greatest gift for his dad

The greatest gift…


It is been a month since the passing of David Bowie. He died on January 9 from cancer and his family is asking for privacy for the moment. Privacy no more as Duncan Jones gives his dad the greatest gift by saying his wife is pregnant and he is going to be a dad someday. It is considered wonderful news since the passing of David Bowie and it can really boost the morale of all family members. David Bowie is a great example to the music industry because of his rock music. He achieved a lot in his music career and it is a sad day for the music industry knowing that someone as good as Bowie succumb from cancer. He just released his last album prior to his death. His lyrics alone emphasize that David Bowie is ready to say farewell to this world. It is very creepy seeing him lying down in a hospital bed in his music video. It also has the lyrics of “Wake me up, when I am in heaven”.

So much for the sad events, what important is Duncan is going to be a dad and this will be his greatest gift for David Bowie. Duncan shared the good news to his Twitter account with a bittersweet caption. He said on the caption that “1 month since dad died today” alongside with a photo of a uterus that read “I’m waiting”, He made the car last Christmas knowing that they will be successful in having their first baby but it seems that everything went to the month of February. The child would have been Bowie’s grandchild. He is also a father of Alexandria Jones, 15 with her wife Iman. A blessing in disguise, good thing that the family received a good news after David Bowie’s death. It is really hard to accept that Bowie cannot perform his wonderful songs to the world again. It might take some time for people to accept the loss much more to the direct family. The child is a blessing and could take away all of their pain anytime.


Bowie’s last wish was granted last January 29 at New York City stating that he left around $100 million worth of fortune to his wife, Iman. Dividing the proceedings to Jones and his sister, Rodene Jones even joked that shame on people who only think she is fat without any further reasons. Both of them are married last 2012, Jones also revealed that her wife was been diagnosed to breast cancer in December 2012. Duncan Jones faced a miserable weather on his life knowing that her wife was been diagnosed to Stage 2 cancer during their checkup on November 4. It was all of a sudden so they decided to marry her. Two days after, Rodene was in a surgery and so far it was successful. She was been diagnosed with stage 2 cancer 6 months before Bowie also diagnosed. Duncan Jones hopes that there will be still a solution for her wife’s cancer and can able to deliver their baby safely.