Donald Trump wins, but is that enough?

Is this even legit???


Presidential aspirant candidate Donald Trump recently won the New Hampshire Republican primary but with a total of 65% votes against him and 35% is in favor for him. Some protest candidates express their rage against political machine because of the impossible triumph for Trump. Both Trump and Sanders manage to win the New Hampshire primary. They are both members of their respective political groups. But the billionaire contortionist and democrat managed to snap the early stages of the election mock voting. Trump platforms mainly concern on political revolution in which he is known for his barrier against the Muslim entering the US. He believes that the main source of terrorism is through accepting of refugees. He does not want to welcome any refugees for the meantime so that they can able to prepare and make things more defensive in the long run. Many people have support his idea because it is somehow realistic that these things would really happen in the future. However, some people also mad at him because of his insensitive discrimination.

Perhaps, he has a point and he just want to make America free from any problems. This is the main reason on why, he still have lots of supporters coming out from people who want to have an immediate change. Some people are mad at him because they believe that Muslims are not that type of people. However, you already see that Syria is a dead place by now. Buildings are getting destroyed and people are getting killed each day. There is a rising conflict in their place during this time. Trump wants to change the country and people are supporting him for this. The crowd was at the victory party at Tuesday. Both Sanders and Trump supporters came in order to hear their platforms once more and to pledge with them all the supports. Both candidates blame a corrupt system instill by previous leaders before. The taxes went directly to their pockets resulting to the rise of unemployment and infrastructure development. Inflation rate also went higher and Trump believes that this is all because of corruption.

Trump sticks with his decision telling that Hillary Clinton is an evil candidate. During an interview of “The O’Reilly Factor” last night, Donald Trump immediately said that his assault against Clinton is evil. Trump was asked to describe all of his rivals from presidency; with no surprise he immediately said that Hillary is evil in a certain way. He added that when you take time to look at his job when she was still a secretary of the state, you can clearly observe the destruction she had caused to the people. The crowds are hopeful that Trump is the solution for all the poverty, unemployment and gunning activities in America. These numbers went high from the previous administration and people are expecting a change right away. Donald Trump will try to promote his platform by implementing social security pension, gun rights and political correctness. They also want to expand the healthcare and free college tuition to help the poor.