Taylor Swift donates $10,000 to a 5 year old boy with autism

What a surprise by Taylor!!!


12 year old cousins named Jordan Fox and Makaylee Duhon decide to make a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and they probably did not expect that Swift might see their videos. Every fan is very comfortable to make a video of their favorite singers as an attribute of support. Songs are one thing that can hit our lives to the coast and without these; probably the world is so boring. As much as possible, people need to admire singers who compose their own songs in order to provide a certain entertainment to all people. This is not an easy task and it requires a lot of gamble since projects are very expensive to deal with. Mind you, all singers that are famous today came from humble beginnings, they tried to join some auditions and with luck, they are able to surpass and bring their talents to the next level. You cannot just blame these two lovely girls for making a video of Taylor Swift’s songs the “Blank Space”.

Things got a little bit exciting for these two lovely girls because when the lyrics about “We got a long list of donations, so donate today”, they did not expect that these space would give Taylor Swift a space for her own self. The purpose of the girls of making the video is to raise money to buy a therapy dog for their 5 year old brother who has autism. According to Jacob Hill’s page, the boys needs to have a therapy dog in order to help him relieve the anxiety and protecting him from moving vehicles and liquid. It could improve his independence and the way he moves to the society. It is a serious problem for a cute little boy and it happened that Taylor Swift saw about this. Helping other people is a best way to provide charity from all of your blessings. You can earn a lot of money from your job and career and donating some of it could be a wise move to help other people.


About a month ago since posting the video, Jordan and Makaylee were surprised because Taylor donated $10,000 after seeing the video. Taylor and her mother, Andrea Swift commented on a video saying that they hope the little boy would enjoy his new dog, they also acknowledge the girls for having a great video. Jordan and Jacob’s mom, Allison Hill, told the two girls about the donation and they were like “Oh my gosh”. Of course, they were surprise that their favorite singer happens to acknowledge their song. Allison and her family expressed their overall gratitude to Taylor Swift for providing a therapy dog to their 5 year old autistic child. The family needed about $13,500 for Autism Service Dogs of America to begin the rehab for Jacob. Gladly, Taylor Swift is in the right time to donate since the boy received his new companion with a year and a half. Blessings will surely overflow for Taylor and her Mom for helping the needy.