19 Face Swaps Sure To Give You Nightmares

Face swaps is now becoming a trend. There are mobile apps that allow you to switch faces with a friend or any other being in real time. And the result? Incredibly hilarious! BUT, that’s not exactly the case for some face swaps. Apparently, there are face swaps that can give us nightmares! Yes, there are creepy and downright scary results. Want to see some of them? Better toughen your spirit!

Here are 19 Face Swaps Sure To Give You Nightmares:

1. The Man and The Dog

While most face swaps turn out to be pretty funny, this one is a real shocker. Come on, imagine seeing a human body with a dog face! That’s just disturbing. How about a four-legged creature with a man’s head? We just can’t decide which one is more disturbing.