20 Hysterical Tweets About Food That You Can Relate To

Food, glorious food. One of the things we need to survive, sometimes eat more of, other times eat less of, but either way we need to eat. We eat when we’re stressed, when we’re sad, when we’re celebrating, when we want and need to relax, but sometimes, food would end up being involved in random situations and random thoughts that we seem to experience and think almost everyday. And we turn to good old Twitter to vent out our frustrations, or otherwise, and it’s not surprising to hear that we’re not alone. You are what you tweet, and these tweets about food in the most random of ways just say it all.

1. Of Capri Sun And Straw Openings

Ah yes, the struggle when it comes to drinking a pack of Capri Sun. He’s right though. There should always be performance reviews towards the person or people in charge of making the Capri Sun straw openings because sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t and it can become a downer.