20 Dramatic Historical Pictures That Will Stir Your Emotions

A picture is worth a thousand words. But some photos are worth more than a thousand. In fact, some photos are worth millions of words, because they’re that powerful. Examples of such photos are the ones from history. From decades ago, from the simplest of moments to important times in history. These photos of significant events in history are so powerful that it gives us all kinds of feelings, makes us feel all kinds of things. It’s amazing, isn’t it? For those of us younger folk who weren’t able to witness these things, these photos give us a peek into what happened long ago.

1. The Lone Man

1936 was around the time before World War II broke out, and yet Hitler was already gaining many soldiers in support of his belief, as part of his army. But amongst the sea of men who were doing the Nazi salute, there is one man who doesn’t do it, and to us, he sticks out like a sore thumb.