20 Colorized Photos From History That Will Blow Your Mind

History is a wonderful thing, if you think about it, but most people consider it boring, and is a waste of time, especially for kids nowadays, it’s a time where they would just sleep in on the lecture. But if without history, everything will just be a void, and its just a chain of unanswerable thing on top of another unanswerable thing. So, yeah, history can be fun too, and here are history’s take on being modern!

1. Flippin’ Burgers. Crowley, Louisiana, USA – October 1928


1928 is a time where black and white is the norm for the cameras and even though there are colored ones available, those were extremely expensive and only elites who are photography enthusiasts and photographers themselves can afford it, or even want to buy those. Anyway, the busy life of this “flipper” is captured even better by the colored picture.