19 Of The Best Celebrity Cameos On Television

Stan Lee never fails to make a cameo appearance in all of his creations. Basically, it turned out to be obligatory for Marvel to do the same. But other than his funny and out-of-nowhere cameo appearances, there are tons of other memorable cameos on television.

Check out 19 of the best celebrity cameos on television here:

1. David Copperfield - Scrubs

Holy crap, it’s David Copperfield! Well yes that’s him, the most commercially successful magician in history and he made a very memorable appearance in Season 2 of Scrubs. Out of nowhere, Copperfield ran into Dr. John Dorian in a bar and ends up doing a pretty cheesy magic trick. But that’s not the end of it! Copperfield pulled off an even better magic trick and mocked Dorian’s reaction to it.