21 Hilarious Ways People Injured Themselves

Have you ever injured yourself, and when you’re already in the emergency room waiting for a doctor or nurse to attend to you, you have to explain to them how you got injured without having to mention the real reason? Whether it be out of pure clumsiness, unfortunate timing, or even both, there are times we injure ourselves and for the most ridiculous of reasons that it just ends up being pretty hilarious. Whoever thought you could get a black eye just because you dropped your phone on your face? Oh well, we should just be more aware of what’s around us next time.

1. Mac & Cheese

“My older sister once dared me to put a piece of mac’n’cheese pasta up my nose. I had to go to the hospital to get it extracted.”.

Perhaps, it’s one of these times where not listening to people older than you was a good idea.