17 Series Finales That Really Gave You Closure

It is pretty safe to say that there are certain shows which ended up just leaving us angry about the whole thing! Seriously, if anyone ever suggests to you to watch Jericho then serve them a giant slap in their face because you will still be annoyed 10 years later for having ever got sucked in! However, thankfully there are also some pretty awesome endings out there as well!

1) Sons Of Anarchy

Jax and his buddies led us on a pretty wild and fun ride between 2008-2014 for seven fabulous seasons, and it is safe to say that the final episode didn’t let us down! There aren’t many shows which leave us sat starring at the screen after every episode, think “what on earth just happened!”, however this is the reason we love this show so much. We see the show concluding with Jax commiting suicide in order to save his sons from the same path which he himself followed!