14 Vintage Toys That Are Too Terrifying For Words

Toys are meant to bring joy and happiness to a kid’s (and an adult’s) life. But sometimes, they are also meant to scare others and creep us out a little bit. Why? That’s just how it goes. Toys these days have come a really long way ever since the first ever toys were made. When you look back at the toys that were out on shelves of stores decades ago, you’d probably be either relieved because some of the toys from years ago were definitely the stuff of nightmares and horror films alike. Seriously. It’s a good thing that these toys are no longer being sold in the mainstream, but you can imagine a lot of terrified kids if it was.

1. Crandall’s Acrobats

These creepy suckers were the work of a toymaker named Charles M. Crandall back in 1867. These were acrobatic toys that you could stack and make them look like they were in the middle of their routine, and they were interchangeable, and when we say they, we mean every single part of their bodies are interchangeable, from the arms, to the heads, to the bodies. They look every bit as creepy when they’re not assembled as they are when they are assembled. Also, take a look at their faces. No one would want to look at their faces while playing with them, just saying.