19 Of The Worst Superheroes Ever

Superheroes. From the very sound of it, we could almost expect them to be outrageously cool and immensely powerful. That’s why it is insanely curious why some characters were created out of dumbness and sheer stupidity. To be fair, some “superheroes” were created with all good intentions, but it just didn’t end up well. On the brighter side, these lame characters have become iconic figures of oddities that have made their mark in our consciousness.

Here is a list of 19 Of The Worst Superheroes Ever:

1. Captain Caveman

Inspired by the popular TV program Charlie’s Angels, animators Joe Ruby and Ken Spears developed a new cartoon series titled The Teen Angels. But in order to grab every kid’s attention, they opted to have an ugly, hairy super powered Neanderthal and thus Captain Caveman was born. He wasn’t all that lame except that his power failed him at the most crucial time, not to mention his “unga bunga” speach. Ugh!